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Aldenham win v Harrow

Aldenham won their match V Harrow today in the Area finals of the ISGA Schools Matchplay.

Langley through to nationals finals

A fitting final saw Langley sneak it over Kings Ely in the ISGA Area finals

Win for Reeds

Reeds won their semi final match V Ardingly to make the area finals. They now play

Bedford make National finals at St Andrews

Bedford won their match v Uppingham today

win for Bolton

Bolton won their match v Birkenhead to make the area finals in the ISGA

Uppingham through to area finals

Uppingham defeated The Peterborough School 3-0 today. They now play Bedford in the area finals

Abingdon make area finals

Abingdon won their match 3-0 v Kings High. They now play

New Hall through to area finals

New hall were the winners of the matchplay fixture against St Albans college. Score : 2-1

Loretto through to area finals

Loretto won their match today V St Leonards

Aldenham make area finals

Aldenham won the ISGA knockout match vs Highgate 3-0.  

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