Whitgift take double by winning the Shire Trophy

Whitgift made history this year by winning the Junior and Senior school events at The Shire London

This tough venue made ‘The Shire Trophy’ a true test of golf. Although the sun was shining, and the wind wasn’t blowing, the extremely thick rough, tight fairways, long holes and well placed water hazards brought many of the players too their knees. However there were a few who were able to face the challenges of ‘The Shire’, and finish victorious.

With very steady golf the team of George Mullins, Joe Carmody Firth and Chuck Adolphy, Whitgift took the 2012 Shire Trophy. The Nett team winners were St Edwards with Tom Hage shooting a brilliant nett score of 65, and his team mate Louis Arteaga with a steady supporting score of 78.

With great weather brought great atmosphere to this tournament. Even though there were some frustrations, the players showed outstanding sportsmanship, which made this an enjoyable day for all.

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